'Keer to Kent' Extra

Photo: Paul Glading

Dramatic Rescue at Sandside, Sunday 16th June, 2013

These pictures of a dramatic rescue in 2013 of a couple and their dog in difficulties in the quicksands just a few yards off-shore at Sandside and facing a rising tide have been sent to us by Landscape Trust member, June Harrison. Adrian Walker explains the stages involved in the rescue:

3.30 pm — a couple in difficulty with their dog, a few metres from the shore in front of the Ship Inn and with a rising tide. A local person has thrown a lifeline and is holding onto the rope.
To distribute their weight on the sand and mud, rescuers walk on planks and wear wide soled boots.
The local person on the right continues holding the lifeline.
Lifting the gentleman from the mud onto an orange coracle-like flat bottomed rescue craft.
The lady on the left (now wearing a blue helmet) holds a lance-like water jet, which helps release pressure around victims.
The jet is fed by the hose seen snaking across the picture.
Rescue services in attendance

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