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Issue 86 – Spring 2015

Issue 86 of Keer to Kent was the first edition of the Journal to include full-colour printing on all of its 20 pages.  In addition to the articles listed below, it featured photographs by Art-image, Lucy Barron, Stephen Caunce, Ove Claessen, Tania Crockett, Tanya Hoar, Ann & Ken Kitchen, Tim Lindroos, Mike Malpass, Peter Moreton, David Mower, Tony Riden, Peter Standing, Phil Taylor and images supplied by the Arnside Archive. Two pages were dedicated to a sequence of photographs by June Harrison, documenting the dramatic rescue of a couple with their dog from the quicksands of the Kent estuary at Sandside. (You will find a detailed commentary on this sequence by Adrian Walker in a Keer to Kent Extra 109 article.) This edition was edited by Sheila May; Colin Patrick served as Associate Editor, and Ann Kitchen as Technical Advisor. It was printed by Pagefast, Ltd, Lancaster.


Editorial & ContentsSheila May2
Ducking and DivingAnnabel Rushton3
Swifts in the CommunityPeter Moreton4
Arnside Railway Station – Social HistoryStephen Caunce6
What is going on at Sandside (Photos by June Harrison)Sheila May8
Landscape Trust ReservesJohn Wilson & Bob Pickup9
National TrustRoss James9
Seeing afresh – Storth & SandsideAnn Kitchen10
Nature Improvement AreaLucy Barron12
Arnside & Silverdale TumpsPeter Standing14
Petitioning for the LandscapeDenise Dowbiggin, Bob Hamnett, Joy Sharp, John Webb16
Saved from the Quicksand at Sandside20

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