Growing Our Reserves

Making life better for horse riders

Horse riders on the road

The Trust’s new land which links Coldwell Parrock to Coldwell Meadow lies alongside Cold Well Lane – a main route between Silverdale and the Yealands to the south and Arnside, Storth and Milnthorpe to the north. Neighbouring this land to the north on Cold Well Lane is Back Wood, owned by the RSPB.

As users of this road will know, it is narrow, with almost no verges and high hedges, giving poor visibility ahead.  Horse-riders, walkers and cyclists are all at risk of close-passing cars, with drivers have few options for making way for them safely. 

One of the Trust’s plans for the new land is to make a concessionary bridleway through it and Coldwell Meadow, providing a through route for horse riders between Cold Well Lane and the road to Silverdale. By adding a short linking extension to the existing permissive bridleway through Back Wood – an idea that managers of the RSPB reserve are enthusiastic about and are keen to enact – this path would connect with an existing permissive route through the RSPB’s land from Creep-i’-th’-call Bridge.

Map of new permissive pathways at Coldwell.
Proposed new pathways at Coldwell.

Our new route will extend riders’ options for avoiding the narrowest section of Cold Well Lane altogether, as well as providing them with more opportunities for riding free from the perils of mixing with other road traffic. The result will be a safe, enjoyable route for riders and walkers, completely avoiding the dangers of an awkward road junction and a narrow stretch of country lane – making life better not only for our four-legged friends and their people but also for motorists using the road.  

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