'Keer to Kent' Archive

Issue 24 – Summer 1994

Issue 24 of Keer to Kent was edited by Barry Ayre and covered a wide array of topics, including conflicting conservation views on the perennial issue of the merits (or otherwise) of tree clearance. The front cover drawing was by Donald Dakeyne.  It was typeset by Liza Henderson and printed by Pagefast, Ltd, Lancaster.


Editorial & ContentsBarry Ayre2
Landscape Trust EventGeorge Steel, Ralph Henderson, Barry Ayre,
Harry Bratherton
New Footpaths in the AONBRoger Cartwright, Ralph Henderson, Barry Ayre,
Andrew Greenwood, Dulcie Matthews
Where there's a will...Barry Ayre5
Letters to the Editor6
The Buck StoneEdwin Waugh8
The Old School, Yealand Conyers8
The Stone WallersDulcie Matthews9
Letters from our younger visitors10
Arnside Knott; The National Trust's Management12
Tom Bright & his familyElizabeth & Richard Seale13
Personal Viewpoint: Culling the TreesRichard Norman14
Another View on "Culling" TreesRoger Cartwright15
The Building of Grey WallsPeter Sharp16
Recipes, etc17
Country Lover's DiaryDulcie Matthews18
Out in All WeathersTony Riden18
Field ReportsBill Grayson, John Wilson,
Robert Petley-Jones
Dates for Your Diary20

The Issue

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