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Issue 59 – Spring 2006

Issue 59 of Keer to Kent was edited by Terry Keefe and featured detailed and comprehensive articles on Purple Ramping-Fumitory, and Bats in the AONB.  Also, the recent creation of what was then the AONB Unit, the Trust felt it timely to publish a summarised history of the Landscape Trust, clarifying the relationship — and distinctions — between the two organisations.  In addition to the full contents listed below, it featured photographs by Gail Armstrong, Ken Johnson, Paul Kay, Tony Riden and the Cornish Wildlife Trust.  The cover image was by Andrew Sier and was one of the prize-winning entries in the 2005 photographic competition.  Image processing was by Ann Kitchen; the journal was printed by PageFast Ltd, Lancaster.


Editorial & Contents; ASLT Educational BursaryTerry Keefe2
Letters to the Editor3
Landscape Trust Event
Photo Competition 2006
Jill Smith
Terry Keefe
AONB Matters; Bracken BruiserTerry Keefe5
Purple Ramping-FumitoryGraeme Skelcher6 & 7
Silverdale MiddenRichard Norman8
New Fauna Website; Limestone Pavement9
Morecambe Bay PartnershipDavid Farrant10 & 11
Brief History of Landscape Trust12 & 13
Bats in the AONBSteve Bradley14 & 15
Local publications
Gait Barrows

Rob Petley-Jones
Leighton Moss
National Trust
Robin Horner
Steve Bradley
Limestone Heritage Project
Out and About
Richard Bamforth
Tony RIden
Accommodation & Food19
Dates for Your Diary20

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