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Issue 76 – Autumn/Winter 2011

Issue 76 of Keer to Kent was a special edition dedicated entirely to articles celebrating the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Landscape Trust, Keer to Kent, and the AONB itself. Edited by Sheila May, it carried the following claim on the front cover: ‘for 25 years a Chronicle of both Continuity and Change (to be continued…)  In addition to the articles listed below, it contained photographs by Tony Riden (including the front cover image of the view from Warton Crag), Roger Cartwright, Richard Daly, Adam Donaldson, Brian Evens, Andy Hay, Robin Horner, Fiona Lawton, Ann Kitchen, Mike Malpass, Sheila May, Mike Moon, David Mower, Thomas Nugent, Keith Palmer, Rob Petley-Jones, Martin Rowe, Jill Smith, Jon Sparks,  Peter Standing, Catherine Trigg, John Wilson, ‘Karl & Ali’, Arnside Coastguards, and Bay Search and Rescue. Barry Ayre, Colin Patrick and Jill Smith served as the Editorial Advisory Committee and Ann Kitchen as Technical advisor. The edition was printed by Pagefast, Ltd, Lancaster.


Editorial & ContentsSheila May2
How it was, how it isSheila May2
Landscape Trust: what has changed in 25 years?Colin Patrick3
A Lasting LegacyLucy Barron4
The Wildlife of the Arnside/Silverdale AreaJohn Wilson6
Leighton Moss: 25 years of ProgressRobin Horner8
Twenty five years of Gait Barrows NNRRob Petley-Jones9
25th Anniversary Year EventsKeith Robson, Jill Smith,
Peter Standing
25 Years of the National Trust in the AONBAlan Ferguson12
Changes in the Limestone WoodlandsRoger Cartwright13
Some do more than 'Stand and Stare'Sheila May14
Between Kent and Keer - continual change, constant dangerSheila May16
Above and Beneath - unseen - but are they changed?17
Twenty five years of walking in the AONBBrian Evans18
Accommodation, Food and Transport in the Arnside and Silverdale AONB20
The Changing Face of Keer to Kent20

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