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Issue 91 – Autumn/Winter 2016

Issue 91 of Keer to Kent was a special edition almost entirely given over to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the journal.  It carried an extensive retrospective of thirty years of publication, looking back over landmark editions and reprinting several articles from the first couple of issues alongside current updates of the topics covered in those articles, where possible, contributed by the same author as the original. The issue also featured photographs from readers and local photographers of scenes from around the AONB. These were contributed by Malcolm Davidson, Paul Glading, Chris Hunter, Nick Kirkham, Ken Kitchen, J Oliver Linton, Robert Metcalf, Luke Molteni, David Poole, Arnold Price, Tony Riden, Charlotte Ruff, Neil Salisbury, Paul Schofield, Michael Smith, David Talbot, John Weir, Roger Wilkinson, Jeff Worsnop and the National Trust. The cover illustration was by Henry Vyner-Brooks.  This special edition was edited by Sheila May; Colin Patrick served as Associate Editor, Ann Kitchen as Technical Advisor and Jean Warburton as Proof-reader. It was printed by Pagefast, Ltd, Lancaster.


Editorial & ContentsSheila May2
Thirty Years of PublicationSheila May3
Arnside/Silverdale An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty [REPRINT]William (Bill) Johnston6
Know Your Footpaths [REPRINT]William (Bill) Johnston8
Permissive Access and Local TraditionBill Johnston9
Looking After the Area's Countryside [REPRINT]Jeff Redgrave10
Countryside Management and The Landscape TrustRoger Cartwright11
National Trust in Arnside / Silverdale [REPRINT]L H Harwood12
Thirty Years on - even more preciousHarry Bowell13
The Wildlife of the Arnside/Silverdale Area [REPRINT]John Wilson14
The AONB Wildlife continues to delight and impress John Wilson15
Launch of the Trust [ABRIDGED REPRINT]Roger Cartwright16
Significant Changes over thirty yearsColin Patrick17
An Area to Conserve and Enhance20

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