Growing Our Reserves

Latest news — November 2018

Usually at this time of year, the Trust’s public activities are winding down for the winter, with our popular Jacob’s Join and lecture meeting in November bringing our busy events programme to a close until the following spring.  This year, however, things are different.  

As those members who attended the event will know, the Trust used the occasion of the Jacob’s Join and Laurie Cox’s presentation, “The Magic of Light”, not only to launch a major fund-raising appeal but also announce another new venture.

The “Growing Our Reserves” appeal aims to raise £100,000 in support of the Trust’s latest purchases of land at Warton Mires and Coldwell.  We are particularly excited about the Coldwell acquisition because of its enormous potential – not only as a reserve in its own right, but as an important connecting piece in the mosaic of existing reserves in that part of the AONB.

To support this major fund-raising initiative, the Trust has also embarked on the stormy seas of website ownership by establishing its own fledgling site, separate from its long-standing web presence here on the AONB Partnership site.  This by no means represents a split between the Landscape Trust and the AONB Partnership. Although the new website has its own whole new look and feel, and a separate existence somewhat apart from the AONB Partnership site, you can rest assured that the Trust is as committed as ever to close partnership relationships with all of the bodies and organisations dedicated to protecting and enhancing the precious Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that we all love so much. The Trust continues to be grateful for the web presence that it has within the AONB Partnership pages – we won’t be moving out completely any time soon!

Members can expect this winter to be a busier time than usual for news from the Trust, as activities focused on the “Growing Our Reserves” appeal are developed and announced. So, watch this space!

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