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Coldwell Reserves Open Day – Monday, May 6th

Birch trees at Coldwell Parrock
Birch trees at Coldwell Parrock [Photo: Steve Benner]

Our reserves team will be providing guided tours of our three reserves at Coldwell at various times on May Day Bank Holiday Monday, May 6th. Each tour will last approximately an hour and you are welcome to just turn up and join the next tour at any time during this event.  This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about how our reserves are managed and what plans we have for their future, and to have any questions you may have about our reserves answered.

Alternatively, you are welcome simply to come along and wander around as you wish to explore the reserves and discover their many wonders for yourself.

There is no need to book for this event – just turn up on the day. Why not pack a picnic and make an outing of it?

Exact timings for this event are still not finalised, so please keep an eye on our website for details nearer the day.

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